Using the Microwave Oven Safely

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Microwave ovens, just like most household appliances, are easy to use. However, consumers should still remember some cautions.

Here are some of the do's and dont's in using this versatile piece of equipment.


1. Read the manual carefully. Often, the manual will have some information on what you can and cannot do with the oven. Remember that what you can do for a certain type of microwave is not something that you can do for all models. There are different types, having different functions.


2. Read recipes ahead of time and make sure that you can put it inside the oven. The food may need to be thawed first before putting it inside the oven.


3. Make sure that you got the time of cooking right. Otherwise, you may have a burnt food in your hands or worst a burnt house. Be careful in setting the time.


4. Make sure that the plates and bowls that you use are microwave-safe as this may cause them to break when they are not. What is more, your own oven can also break from the explosion that can happen inside.


5. Don't add another extension cord apart from the cord that was originally with the product.


6. Never use plastic wrappings as they will only melt under the heat of the microwave oven. Also, watch out for containers of some food like margarine tubs. It is also a good idea to use glass for fatty foods because they tend to become hot when inside the oven.


7. Don't use such oven for deep-frying, canning or heating the baby bottles. This is considered unsafe as the oven do not have enough temperature control.


8. In using the oven for your popcorn snack.s, make sure that you watch the oven. The heat build-up from the pressure may cause a small fire. Also, make sure that when you are popping popcorns, you have time right. In fact, it is often safer to cut down the time indicated short.


9. Don't ever use it to dry articles of clothing. This is extremely dangerous as this may cause a small fire inside your house.


10. Never let your youngsters use the oven on their own.


11. Make sure that you keep it clean from any dripping so that the machine will run smoothly. A messy microwave oven will be slow and uneven in functioning.


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Using the Microwave Oven Safely

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This article was published on 2010/04/29