Samsung microwave: Magic in the kitchen

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Samsung microwave ovens have been simplifying the housewife's time in the kitchen for many years now, and the OmniPro convection microwave oven is just one example of how technology can be used to help one in day to day tasks. The Auto Menu feature is certainly the most interesting one, since it allows for the cooking of delicious meals at the touch of a button. This is most helpful when one does not have the time to look over the recipe, or has too many things to take care of at once. Also, in case the food is frozen, there is no need to wait for hours for it to thaw, as the Rapid Defrost feature allows for quick and even defrosting to return foods to their pre-frozen state in no time for preparing that perfect meal.

Coming to the design part, the OmniPro has the traditional design, albeit with all the latest features, to bring about convenience while maintaining that same warmth, so to speak. The two dials bring back memories of the conventional ovens; and the intuitive icons allow for quick identification and manual selection oven settings like time, cook mode, etc. so that your meals are cooked exactly how you want them. The door of the OmniPro is a drop down version, which is also in line with the conventional oven design, and allows for easy access. Also, one can rest larger dishes on the door when he/she is alone, owing to the design and strength of the oven.

In spite of the fact that the OmniPro packs in a mammoth capacity of 36 litres, it is very compact on the outside, with the minimum possible space left for machinery. Hence, one does not have to allocate too much space for it, something that is certainly a boon, considering the fact that open kitchens are the latest trend, besides being far more convenient.

Cleaning the oven is one of the most difficult tasks, but the OmniPro manages that quiet well too, as the Steam Clean system gives a one button resolution to the task. One just needs to fill the Steam Clean container with water, place it adjacent to the wall of the oven and press the steam clean button. Within a few moments, just a wipe of a dry cloth is all it would take for all the stains and bacteria to be eliminated, resulting in a hygienic cooking environment. There is no need to even minutely scrub or use a detergent!

People using conventional ovens often have doubts regarding the capability of a microwave oven to  bake a pizza with a crunchy crust are in for a surprise with the OmniPro, since the Crusty Plate feature transforms the oven into a conventional oven that can bake and brown both ends of frozen foods like quiche, pizza, baguette, etc. without any oil. Hence, there are no soggy bottoms or hard and soft spots. Just mind-blowing pizza! The OmniPro is certainly a great boon for kitchens of all kinds.

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Samsung microwave: Magic in the kitchen

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This article was published on 2011/08/17