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If you are looking for an outdoor dutch oven to use on that camping trip or for outside entertaining then your best bet is to choose a cast iron oven with legs. While aluminum cast ovens work great and can be used outside, heavy weight cast iron ovens were originally designed and used for outdoor use including long trail drives. Anything that could stand up to a cattle stampede and a bunch of bigger than life cowboys should stand up well to your own out door cooking needs.

Choose One Especially For Outdoor Use

That cast iron dutch oven you use for indoor cooking may not work as well for outdoor cooking so be sure that you choose an oven designed for outdoor cooking. These dutch ovens should have the three legs to hold the oven off the hot coals of the campfire as well as a lid that has a lip to allow for hot coals to be put on top of the oven to ensure even cooking.

Preparing Your Dutch Oven For Use

There used to be a time when these ovens took several hours to season before they were ready to use. However many of the best manufacturers of dutch ovens today season the oven for you before it ever arrives in your home. If your dutch oven is pre seasoned, and it is wise to choose one that is, then simply wash it in hot water using no dish detergent. Wipe it completely dry and then using a paper towel thinly coat it with vegetable oil making sure you leave absolutely no standing oil. Then store it in a cool dry place with the lid off.

Before and after each use of your outdoor oven coat your oven again with a light coat of vegetable oil.

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven

Always wash your oven as soon as possible while it is still warm in hot water. Never use dish soap on cast iron as it will destroy the seasoning. Dry your outdoor dutch oven thoroughly and coat with oil. If food is stuck on use a plastic scrubby to get the stuck on food off.

Using An Aluminum Dutch Oven For Outdoor Use

If you have chosen an Aluminum outdoor oven then you don't have to worry about seasoning it and can therefore use it according to the manufacturers directions. However, before cooking in the dutch oven lightly season it with oil as it will help keep food from sticking and will give your oven cooking a more traditional taste.

One of the great things about using outdoor dutch ovens is that you can make simply everything in these handy pots from roast chicken to soups and stews to desserts. You will soon realize that outdoor cooking never tasted so good or could be so varied. So go ahead fire up that campfire and enjoy the kind of food those cowboys used to enjoy.
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Outdoor Dutch Oven

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This article was published on 2011/03/28