Making A Solar Oven For Kids - How To Make a Solar Oven

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Making A Solar Oven For Kids

Some people say that global warming is a bad thing, it is. Millions even possibly billions of people could die if the gulf stream stopped, killing countless numbers of sea creatures and even possibly causing an ice age. Fortunately you can help prevent global warming by using its heat to your advantage by learning how to make a solar oven. How to make a solar oven requires minimal skill and inexpensive everyday items.

How to make a solar oven:

Materials Required

  • 2 Pizza Boxs
  • Tin Foil
  • Black construction paper
  • Tape
  • Thermometer
  • Scissors
  • Non toxic glue
  • Stick Making A Solar Oven For Kids


Take the first pizza box and cut the lid off. Take the black construction paper and paste it to the bottom upper side of this pizza box. Next cut the bottom off the second pizza box, place the second pizza box on top of the first and tape together, on both the inside and out.

Next take the tin foil and paste it to the side of this newly created box, making sure that the bottom of the lid is done very smoothly. Paste black construction paper around the sides.


Place your oven so that it is facing the sun. Use the stick to prop open the lid so that the sun will reflect at a forty five degree angle. Place the thermometer in the pizza box created by the how to make your own solar oven guide. Let it sit for a few hours, than adjust it so that it is pointing at the sun. Check the thermometer carefully, if it reads 100 Degrees Celsius you can cook things, at 175 Degrees Celsius you can bake.

Temperature Control

To reduce the temperature in your how to make your own oven cooker, simply adjust the flap to a smaller angle.

Using this oven will save you money and the environment. Its a win win situation if you have the time for your good old mother. Making A Solar Oven For Kids

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Making A Solar Oven For Kids - How To Make a Solar Oven

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This article was published on 2010/10/04