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Ovens are indispensable part of any kitchen whether traditional or the modern microwave ovens. However all ovens are not similar and there are different types in respect of both categories; those that are traditional ovens and modern microwave ovens. Without ovens the cooking skills of the cook or chef would be next to nothing.

Types of Traditional Ovens

We start with the traditional ovens though they are fast losing their significance on the wake of market capture by microwave ovens.

· Dutch ovens are three legged and are made of iron. They are good for cooking faster than in the home made earthen or other ovens.

· Solar ovens can come up very useful in places suffering from fuel scarcities. They obtain their powers from sunlight and are therefore both economic and environment friendly. Only problem with these types of oven is that the solar cells may not work properly all the time.

· Most common type of ovens is those made using bricks. Larger sized brick ovens are used in roadside food joints where bread, meat and other things can be roasted or baked easily on these ovens. Home use ovens are usually smaller in size and use wood or coal as fuel.

Specific Purpose Ovens

In between the traditional ovens and modern microwave ovens stand the ovens that are used for specific purposes. Examples are range ovens, pizza ovens, and toaster ovens.

· Range ovens are practical in use and cheaper in price and therefore ideal for home use and for indoor purposes. But they are not suitable for fast cooking.

· Pizza ovens are specially built for making and baking pizzas and will have consistent but moderate heat inside.

· Toaster ovens has the capability of grilling food material as well and this makes it ideal for toasting, baking, or grilling meat, fish, and pizza. Heating capacities in these ovens are medium to high.

Modern Micro Ovens

Modern trend in the kitchens and market is towards procuring micro ovens, especially those made by renowned brands like Samsung. Basically three types of micro ovens are there.

· Basic microwave ovens.

· Ovens that come with grill facilities.

· Microwave ovens that have both grilling and convection facilities.

Why Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are getting popular, especially those made by manufacturers like Samsung because they are one of the most helpful domestic devices around. The device is very powerful and can deliver recipes much quicker in comparison to traditional oven. Best part of it is that it solves many problems for the cook or chef by providing fast heating solution for the foods prepared.

While standard microwave ovens are the base model of the device and contain only one vacuum tube within its body. Simple defrosting, heating and boiling can be carried out on this type of microwave. However roasting option is not there that can be accomplished with Grill microwave ovens. Microwave grill and convection is a combo product that can accomplish any complex cooking for the user.

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Different Types of Oven

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Different Types of Oven

This article was published on 2013/12/13